Cancer Immunology Forum Takes Place at UNSW (Non-fiction), Oncology Republic 2021

Unlearning (Creative non-fiction), Signs of Life (Anthology), 2021 (available for purchase here)

Attachment (Essay) Meanjin (Winter), 2020 (available for purchase here)

Black balloons/First year medical student (Poetry) Orris Root (USA), 2019

Storms without rain (Poetry), Orris Root (USA), 2019

Crimson jellyfish/Immortality (Poetry), Orris Root (USA), 2018

Crime scene (Poetry), Orris Root (USA), 2018

Writing what you know, courage, and the many-faced god (Essay). Medium (USA), 2018

The hook (Poetry), Translating Pain (UK), 2018

What my sensible day job taught me about creative writing (Essay). Medium (USA), 2018.

Ring road (Creative non-fiction), Oxford Writers’ House (UK), 2018

The silver thaw (YA fantasy/ Creative non-fiction), Intersection Stories (USA), 2018

Writers’ group, bathroom cabinet rummaging and basic life support (Essay). Medium (USA), 2018.

#8WordStory, Queensland Writers Centre, 2017

Eschatology (Poetry), Grieve Anthology, 2017 (available for purchase here)

Rainbow lorikeets and mourning (Creative non-fiction), Grieve Anthology (e-book), 2017 (available for purchase here)

Yellow (Poetry), UNSWeetened Literary Journal, 2002

Captain Matchbox (Poetry), UNSWeetened Literary Journal, 2001

A love of blue (Short Story), UNSWeetened Literary Journal, 2001

Solitaire (Short Story), UNSWeetened Literary Journal, 1999

Awards and Honours

#Australia Reads Ambassador 2021

Queensland Writers’ Centre Publishable Program Longlist 2020

Varuna House Publisher Introduction Program Shortlist, 2020

Sydney University Henry Lawson Prize for Poetry, 2008

UNSW Literary Prize for Poetry, 2001