Sarah Sasson is an Australian physician-writer living in Sydney. She completed a B.Arts(English)/B.Science at the University of New South Wales, followed by a B.Medicine/B.Surgery at Sydney University and has spent time living overseas in Chicago, Singapore, Montreal, Hanoi and Oxford.

Her poetry, short stories and creative non-fiction have been published in Australia, the United Kingdom and USA appearing in Meanjin, Oxford Writers’ House, Medium, Unsweetened, Grieve Anthology, Intersection Stories, Translating Pain and Orris Root. 

Sarah’s literary fiction manuscript Some things beautiful was shortlisted for the Varuna House Publisher Introduction Program in 2020.

Her work explores themes including: human relationships, loss, memory, medicine and biology. She is currently editing  Signs of Life anthology, a collection themed around first and second-hand experiences of illness and caregiving.

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